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I’m often asked why the majority of Fortune 500 companies, more than 60% actually, have chosen to incorporate in the small state of Delaware. Why are more than 75% of all new initial public offerings in the U.S. done by companies incorporated in Delaware, a state with fewer than 1 million residents? Why is Delaware able to generate more than 25% of its general fund revenue from the incorporation business? And why have other states been unable to steal this business away from Delaware?

It’s not because of taxes, though Delaware like every other state tries to keep its corporate tax rates low and competitive.

There are two major reasons for Delaware’s dominance of the corporate incorporation business. One reason is the bi-partisan political consensus in Delaware to keep the Delaware corporation statute modern and up-to-date, and to rely on Delaware’s corporate law specialists for advice in how to do this. As a result, law students at every law school in the United States study the Delaware corporation statute and the decisions of Delaware courts interpreting that law.

Corporations want to operate under modern laws that clearly spell out what they can and cannot do. But other states could enact such laws, or simply copy Delaware’s. So the Delaware corporation statute can’t by itself account for Delaware’s success in attracting corporate incorporations.

The other major reason corporations choose to incorporate in Delaware is the quality of Delaware courts and judges. Delaware has a special court, the Court of Chancery, to rule on corporate law disputes without juries. Corporate cases do not get stuck on dockets behind the multitude of non-corporate cases. Instead, Delaware corporations can expect their legal disputes to be addressed promptly and expertly by judges who specialize in corporate law.

Part of the bi-partisan political consensus in Delaware is to appoint and confirm the best qualified corporate law experts to the Court of Chancery. And part of the legal culture in Delaware is to honor appointment to the Court of Chancery as the highest and most respected form of public service.

Other states can, and some have tried, to create similar courts dedicated to resolving corporate disputes. They, too, can resolve to appoint only their best legal experts to these courts. But they won’t have the large body of Delaware case law, court rulings, generated over many years that provide both guidance and predictability to Delaware corporations, lawyers, and judges.

In theory, another state could, besides enacting a corporate statute like Delaware’s, also declare Delaware’s case law legal precedent in their courts to the same extent as in Delaware. But even then, those courts could differ from Delaware’s in ruling on future cases. If a corporation wants to be governed by Delaware law and Delaware courts, they really have to incorporate in Delaware, pay the annual corporate franchise tax, and thus support Delaware’s corporate infrastructure.

I’m moved to write on this topic because the highly respected leader of the Delaware Court of Chancery, Chancellor William B. Chandler, III, has announced his retirement from the court after 22 years. During his tenure he presided over many high-profile corporate disputes involving such big-name companies as Disney, Yahoo, Microsoft, Dow Chemical, and Hewlett-Packard. Chancellor Chandler upheld the finest traditions of the Court of Chancery, clarifying the most important corporate statute in America, and insuring Delaware’s continued pre-eminence in the law of corporations. Now Delaware is called upon to follow its own finest traditions of appointing another judge equally wise and knowledgeable.

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Prison officials say they’ve made measureable progress implementing recommendations outlined in an independent review following a prison riot in 2017.

2 days ago

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WATCH LIVE: NBC News’ Peter Alexander interviews DHS Chief Kirstjen Nielsen
Most classical music professionals in major symphony orchestras around the country are white, according to the League of American Orchestras.
by Matthew Vann / / Updated
Jul.15.2018 02:20
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MIAMI — Nathaniel Taylor was 5-years-old when the deep, mellow sounds from a cello on Sesame Street commanded his attention. Elmo was the interviewer. World-renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma was the musician.

Years later, when he began learning the cello, classical music stole his heart.

Now Taylor, 25, is trying to pursue a professional career playing the instrument he loves, but he'll need to break into the austere world of classical music for that to happen. That's a path filled with numerous challenges — arguably more so for Taylor, who's half African-American and half Filipino.

Most classical music professionals in major symphony orchestras around the country are white, according to the League of American Orchestras. That includes well-known conservatories like The Julliard School, The Curtis Institute, and the New England Conservatory, to name a few.

As a result, America’s orchestras aren't as diverse as the cities they serve. African-Americans make up 1.8 percent of orchestras nationwide while Hispanics make up 2.5 percent, according to an industry-wide study.

Those statistics inspired several performing arts organizations to form the Coach C115 Leather Slip On Sneaker Coach cMOzsU0UN
, which prepares talented musicians of color for auditions. Making it past that first hurdle is crucial as one opening in a top-tier orchestra can easily attract as many as a thousand candidates.


Has Hollywood's diversity discussion reached voice acting?

The group, supported by $1.8 million grant from the Andrew W. Mellon foundation, pairs participants with mentors and offers them financial support as they travel across the country for tryouts.

“There are real barriers for African-American and Latinx musicians entering our profession, “ said Jesse Rosen, president of the League of American Orchestras.

When Taylor made up his mind to pursue the cello, he did it knowing that he’d probably be one of the few black symphony musicians on stage.

Eater Montreal's brunch heatmap contains the newest destinations for consuming eggs, bloody caesars, and the likes on weekends, or restaurants that have shaken up their brunch service substantially. The best overall brunch restaurants (the "classics", if you will) can be found over here .

For July, we say goodbye to Le Lucie and Crème Fraîche , as their brunches aren’t so new.. In their places, please welcome creative Hochelaga operation Hélicoptère and sister café Hélico , the cereal bar doing much more than cereal, Barley , and the first ever major expansion for vegan player Aux Vivres .

Le Lucie Crème Fraîche Hélicoptère Hélico Barley Aux Vivres

Note that most of these restaurants do weekend brunches: for weekday options, FOOTWEAR Laceup shoes Castellan 6gYKOpwBr

Note: Restaurants on this map are listed geographically.
4255 Rue Ontario E, Montréal QC H1V 1K4, Canada
(514) 543-4255
Preowned Python sandals Barbara Bui 5EQnPuGga

Expect staples from waffles to breakfast sandwiches but with creative twists from an ex-Bouillon Bilk chef and pastry chef at Hochelaga’s hottest new gastronomical corner , a double act with daytime coffee shop Hélico and restaurant Hélicoptère sharing two sides of the same premises.

149 Rue Jean-Talon Ouest, Montreal QC H2R 2W9, Canada
(514) 277-1888
(514) 277-1888

Home cook turned restaurateur Shammy Chan is doing some of Montreal’s most innovative brunches right now out of her Mile Ex-Villeray counter . The menu rotates regularly but is laden with Korean and Japanese influences — past items have included a fruity choco-matcha bread pudding, brunch bibimbap, and a kimchi shakshuka.

Also Featured in:

1199 Avenue Van Horne, Outremont QC H2V 1K1, Canada
(514) 277-1001
(514) 277-1001

Soupesoup founder Caroline Dumas opened Mens Court Royale Suede Tennis Shoes Multicoloured One Size Nike jshlPtPYF9
— now, brunch is on the menu. The menu swings both homey and creative, with items spanning from classic French toast, to brunchified versions of chickpea flour flatbread socca, topped with gravlax or huevos rancheros.

4675 Boul St-Laurent, Montréal QC H2T 1R2, Canada
(514) 507-7278
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It’s not a new brunch per se, but Mile End favourite Lili Co has given its weekend meal a shake-up — it’s now available daily (except Monday), with classics like banana pancakes and the octopus club sandwich, alongside some more lunch-leaning options now thrown in, such as fresh pasta dishes.

Main article: Lighting control system

Lighting control systems reduce energy usage and cost by helping to provide light only when and where it is needed. Lighting control systems typically incorporate the use of time schedules, occupancy control, and photocell control (i.e. daylight harvesting ). Some systems also support TROUSERS Casual trousers Comme des Fuckdown UnymL
and will automatically dim or turn off lights to take advantage of utility incentives. Lighting control systems are sometimes incorporated into larger Womens Glitter Party Pump Closed Toe Heels Bianco Bsynl

Many newer control systems are using Sandals for Women On Sale antique pink Patent Leather 2017 25 35 45 55 75 Dolce amp; Gabbana 2017 5mkEyH3G
open standards (such as ZigBee ), Womens Lace Emb Gown Dress Mascara 9evX8SNx
which provides benefits including easier installation (no need to run control wires) and interoperability with other standards-based building control systems (e.g. security). [41]

In response to daylighting technology, daylight harvesting systems have been developed to further reduce energy consumption. These technologies are helpful, but they do have their downfalls. Many times, rapid and frequent switching of the lights on and off can occur, particularly during unstable weather conditions or when daylight levels are changing around the switching illuminance. Not only does this disturb occupants, it can also reduce lamp life. A variation of this technology is the 'differential switching or dead-band' photoelectric control which has multiple illuminances it switches from so as not to disturb occupants as much. Pumps BASIC fabric glitter black Dsquared2 G4sh05jLzl

Occupancy sensors to allow operation for whenever someone is within the area being scanned can control lighting. When motion can no longer be detected, the lights shut off. Passive infrared sensors react to changes in heat, such as the pattern created by a moving person. The control must have an unobstructed view of the building area being scanned. Doors, partitions, stairways, etc. will block motion detection and reduce its effectiveness. The best applications for passive infrared occupancy sensors are open spaces with a clear view of the area being scanned. Ultrasonic sensors transmit sound above the range of human hearing and monitor the time it takes for the sound waves to return. A break in the pattern caused by any motion in the area triggers the control. Ultrasonic sensors can see around obstructions and are best for areas with cabinets and shelving, restrooms, and open areas requiring 360-degree coverage. Some occupancy sensors utilize both passive infrared and ultrasonic technology, but are usually more expensive. They can be used to control one lamp, one fixture or many fixtures. [43] PLUS Wedding Super Skinny Smart Trouser In Light Pink Sateen Light pink Asos whNAzuKl

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